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The Ceremonies

Wedding is the most important part in Everyone’s life, where Two Souls unit together to start a new life. Before the day of wedding there are so many events that take place, Muhurtaz will make your Pre Wedding Ceremony into one of the beautiful and memorable moments of your life. 


The Haldi ceremony is a custom bath, which is one of the pre wedding ceremonies in India. The mixture of Turmeric (Haldi), oil, and water is applied to both the bride and groom on the morning of the wedding. It is believed to bless the couple and The mixture gives the skin a healthy glow and ensures the couple looks fresh during the preeminent occasion of their lives.


Mehndi Ceremony is basically a special occurrence held in Pre Wedding day, where the friends and family members of the couple apply Henna on their hands. Mehndi is applied to both the hands and the feet to prevent the nerves from tensing up. The Main significance of applying Henna (Mehndi) is to deploy its natural medicinal herbal remedies which relieve stress by cooling the body before the big day of their life.

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The word “Sangeet“ means music, but when it comes to wedding it is one of the pre wedding events which is commonly celebrated by North Indian families now also famous in the South Indian region. Indians basically celebrate the joy and union of the families and couples by arranging Musical Nights. it involves lot of singing and dancing where the families of both the bride and groom join hands to make the evening more interesting 

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The Cocktail ritual is very much popular nowadays, it is one of the rituals which allows all the guests to take part. It generally organized in the evening and the food and drinks served during this party are usually what guests remember.

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Ring Ceremony

The Ring Ceremony is also known as “Engagement Ceremony”, it is one of the pre wedding ceremonies where the bride and groom exchange rings. that marks the formal announcement of the wedding, and also it is celebrated when the official date of the marriage is determined. It is also called the “Sagai Ceremony”.


Bridal Shower

A Bridal Shower is a party that is arranged to take gifts from close friends and relatives. Most Bridal Showers are usually arranged before three weeks to three months from the date of the wedding. which involves receiving presents and photo sessions. 

Wedding Vows and Functions

In India wedding Functions are As culture is different city and state wise. We tried to mention some importance here  

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